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  • Love Board

    Item Code: FL0380

    Availability: In stock

    This combination of 10 Pink and White Caations spells magic like a magician. They are perfect gift for friends and family.


  • www.onlinecakeandflowers.co...

    Item Code: FL0379

    Availability: In stock

    Skillfully placed in a round basket oamented with yellow crape-paper, which gives it even more pleasant feel, this is an ideal presentation for someone towards whom you wish to express your love and respect, as yellow roses carry that message undeniably. To make it more expressive, write your personal note on the beautiful greeting accompanied with the arrangement.

  • Choco Nation

    Item Code: FL0371

    Availability: In stock

    This pocket friendly makes for the perfect for-ever occasion or even when ther’s no occasion at all. Tell your loved one you’re thinking of them with this combo


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  • Silky

    Item Code: FL0370

    Availability: In stock

    This surprise makes a beautiful declaration of your adoration for that person. Send this amazing combo.

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  • Beautiful Bature

    Item Code: FL0357

    Availability: In stock

    Exclusive designer ring shape arrangement of fresh imported blue orchids with white caations - Send this exclusive gorgeous gift to your loved ones through us

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  • Mix Flowers Delight

    Item Code: FL0356

    Availability: In stock

    Exclusive fresh asiatic lilies and caations designer round aragement  - Send this exclusive gift to your loved ones through us

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  • Mix Flowers Bunch

    Item Code: FL0342

    Availability: In stock

    18 Mix Flowers Bunch Order Now 9983900555

  • Rose Dhaml

    Item Code: FL0261

    Availability: In stock

    100 Red Roses with Tissue packing

  • 3 Tier Red Rose Bunch

    Item Code: FL0260

    Availability: In stock

    3 Tier Red Rose made of 60 roses

  • Love Bonaza

    Item Code: FL0131

    Availability: In stock

    This is a basket of 100 Red Roses. The huge appearance of this basket is a perfect way to show your deep emotions or congratulate people on their anniversaries or achievements.

  • Love Special

    Item Code: FL0130

    Availability: In stock

    This bunch consists of 50 Red Roses. This is best given as a token of Love, also called special roses for lovers. Red Roses are given to friends as well on occasions of birthdays, anniversaries and other celebratio

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  • Surreal Zone

    Item Code: FL0125

    Availability: In stock

    This is an arrangement of 40 Red roses. It depicts surreal beauty and shall light up the spirits of the beholder. This tall arrangement is a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or just to impress someone with beautiful red roses standing tall in front of them