Make Up Her Mood Todday

Make Up Her Mood Todday


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Specification : A perfect combination of 10 yellow roses and 3 yellow Asiatic lilies in square vase to make a perfect bouquet for the summer. These yellow roses and Asiatic lilies make a perfect bouquet to make up your beloved's mood. Decorated in a glass vase,this bouquet gives a special ethnic look that are soothing to your eyes. The green seasonal fillers are a add-on to the fresh and exotic floral arrangement. Note: In a single stem of a lily, there might be some flowers in a fully bloomed state and some in bud form to ensure freshness and quality. From Buds to Blooms: Stage 1: Once your lilies arrive, just trim the stems and add water. Stage 2: Buds will begin to bloom into gorgeous flowers. Remember, each bud grows as its own pace, so be patient! Enjoy your flowers!

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