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  • Being Frindship

    Item Code: CO0388

    Availability: In stock

    Rose and Chocolates, yes yellow roses and cadburys', is all you need to begin a friendship. The wonderful combo of 12 yellow roses and Cadbury celebration pack of 141 gm.

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  • Chocolate with Rose Basket

    Item Code: CO0337

    Availability: In stock

    This basket of red 12 red roses and 1 boxes of Ferro Rocher chocolate 

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  • For Some One Special

    Item Code: CO0336

    Availability: In stock

    This combo will contain: designer chocolate basket and diiferent color flowers in a glass vase.
    The chocolate basket will contain: 2 Dairy milk silk, 2 temptation, 2 kitkat, 2 dairy milk bar, 2 bouville.

  • Rose With Sweet

    Item Code: CO0263

    Availability: In stock

    10 Rose With papper packing and half kg Kaju Barfi.

  • Be Together

    Item Code: CO0252

    Availability: In stock

    12 Yellow Roses in tissue packing with 1 pound fresh fruit cake.

  • Birthday Wish

    Item Code: CO0251

    Availability: In stock

    1 pound Chocolate cake with 10 Gerberas and 6 ballons. Its a perfect birthday wish to your special.

  • Celebration Flash

    Item Code: CO0250

    Availability: In stock

    Bunch of 18 Red Roses with 0.5 Kg Chocolate Cake

    Free -Greeting Card

  • Orchid Bliss

    Item Code: CO0249

    Availability: In stock

    These Royal Comboo consist of Group of 6 orchid and roses and along with 1kg butterscotch cake

  • Rose & Cake

    Item Code: CO0247

    Availability: In stock

    Bunch of 12 Roses and 1/2 kg chocolate cake. Elegance of Red Roses and sweetness of Chocolate cake with your message on Message card..........perfect way to express your feelings

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  • Red Rose and Cake

    Item Code: CO0246

    Availability: In stock

    6 Res Rose with 500grm Chocolate Cake

  • Colorful Surprise

    Item Code: CO0245

    Availability: In stock

    12 mix color Roses and Gerberas with Half kg Mango cake 

  • Flowers & Cake Hamper

    Item Code: CO0244

    Availability: In stock

    20 Red Rose with double tissue rapping with Half kg Butterscotch cake

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